A new webtool…just practicing!

Hello there!

I’ve been very busy during these last days creating and trying to find out new ways to teach grammar and verbs to my kids. I remember the way in which I had to memorize the verbs at school, such as boring way to do it!!!


As I’m teaching 6th grade I have to do a lot of things at the same time that I have to cover the curriculum! I’m so tired! However, I really want to achieve one of my goals this year: to help my students to know how to use the verbs in their right VERB TENSE AND FORM!

Even though most of my students had memorized the verbs in their present, past and past participle, most of them don’t know how to use them in context. Moreover, they don’t have an idea how to identify them in a sentence, as a consequence they get bad grades during their quizzes.

I’ve been thinking how to help them.  One way in which we’ve been practicing the verbs at home and during class for these last weeks has been through the use of this app:



These awesome app has been helping me and my students to practice just those verbs that I want them to practice! There you can find a lot of different ways in which your students can practice their listening, spelling, and writing skills.

Spelling city offers a lot of different ways to practice and have fun with GAMES!!!! My kids have been using it every day at home. However, we also practice these exercises at class. Most of the times we play in teams!

I just wanted to share these great way to practice vocabulary and to encourage your students to play instead of just repeating and memorizing verbs without any interesting way to do it!

I hope you can enjoy these app and use it with your students.

Have fun and practice!

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Around the world in 80 days!

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Being a teacher…such an amazing experience!

Long time ago without writing!!!

One entire year without writing, this was due to my first job as an English teacher!!! I’m really happy because I have finished my first year teaching as better as I could to my little kids in fourth grade.

After I had finished my TKT course, ( well I was almost finishing it) I sent my resume to a college, and after some days I was having my first interview. Then, I was hired!

Oh my God! I remember the first lesson plan that I had to do during my TKT course, it cost me a leg and an arm! I will never forget it, it was so difficult and I spent hours investigating handouts and extra material which I could use with the appropriate topic for each day, I thought I would have to do the same during my job as a Teacher.

However, once I got it I started to feel kind of disappointed. I noticed that sometimes, even though you have the desire to teach your kids as better as possible , the time to cover your curriculum will not be enough!

Besides all the stuff teachers have to cover in a few months.

On the other hand, I had to face a lot of different situations, which most of them were discussed during my TKT course such as working and trying to get along well with your coworkers or trying to make students to show respect and to follow rules in a classroom. How easy was to talk about it, but how hard was to face all of that in a real situation and to deal with it everyday!


You really need to love your job and get a sack full (not of money) but also of patience.Most of my students were Kinesthetic kids, so I had to start taking vitamins because at 10 am they had already wore me out!  Can you image how I felt?

Most of them were not interested in the English class at the beginning of the course, they were running in the classroom, talking to each other without paying attention to the teacher (who was me), bouncing the soccer ball from one corner of the classroom to the other one,they were writing words or drawing faces on their hands and stomaches with markers, it was a mess! All of that happened during the first classes.

Why students were not interested in their classes? The reason, they were demotivated. Besides, the differenciation that was in my two groups. For that reason, I had to change a lot of times some of my personal aims and lesson plans.

After a period of time I accomplished my goal. I had to push my students to understand me talking during the entire class in English, there was no other way. Furthermore, I had to learn to play and have fun with them, so the warm ups that I used to play with my kids were not just for them, but also for me! It really helped me to get along better with the entire group and to have a special relation with all of them.


Even though I had to make a great effort day by day, and keep up with my kids’ energy, I’m really glad of this amazing job. Which are now the results? Do the kids now like the English class? Yes of course. However, my great problem of each day was trying to find a new warm up because they really loved their class for that special moment, each morning they were asking me about the warm up or the content of the day. In addition, they now use much better their English and are able to read and understand much more than at the beginning.

Therefore, the thing that helped me so much to work better with my kids was the LEARNER-CENTRED, this really helped me to make my students to work without the teacher’s attention and pressure. They learned to be more responsible and to get more confidence.

Teachers, please don’t forget to make something fun of your class instead of just boring dictations and teacher-centred!!!! You can really learn a lot of things from your kids.

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Walking along a teaching path….

OMG! After had finished my TKT course I decided to sign up in a new school which is going to help to become a better teacher or at least to learn something else to improve my teaching career…something like that!

Along these last days I have been attending a course before classes start. During it I have seen that teaching is not as easy as I thought, it needs a lot of preparation along the way, teaching needs to be improved day-to-day.

Moreover, become a teacher requires to be an open-minded. During a discussion that I had one of these past days at school, I told my teacher and classmates that as teachers we need to share our information (something that I really appreciate from my teacher Ellen, who taught me that and who practiced it during my TKT course, she really set the example) not just with our students but also with our co-workers. However the teacher’s opinion was another, why? Because he has been living reality, and unfortunately he told me that it is hard to practice it in the teachers’ world.

For example, if you as a teacher improve as much as you can and you become the best teacher in the school, for that reason you will get a better payment and earn much money than your co-workers…

Consequently they will desire to get your place, so they will do whatever they need in order to get yours! Amazing, eh!

That’s why sharing knowledge, techniques, resources is not the most common thing in the teaching path.Planning, writing and talking about it is easy, however practicing it in real life it’s hard!

In my opinion, if you as a teacher don’t want to share your knowledge with your co-workers, at least share it with your students, they will appreciate it along their lives! It’s the best part of working as a teacher…that you will have a chance to change your students’ lives in some way…

That happened to me this last course, and believe me it was the best experience I have ever had in my life!


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A little grammar before your first TKT exam!

Even though most of the people speak and write and read and understand English, the problem becomes when we have to identify words by their names, call them by their correct root, and categorise them!

The most difficult for me since the beginning of the course it was the grammar!

However, as we want to become teachers we need to know how to identify them in order to explain them to students, so I decided to make a brief review about these words and their categories.

In the next exercise you will find questions and some answers, but in case that you cannot identify or choose an answer because you don’t know what it refers to, you can click on the link of the word and find the meaning out.

So, have fun and go beyond just reading!





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Unit 33: Giving Feedback

Feedback is giving information to someone about their learning and/or showing them that you have understood (or not) what they have said. In the classroom, teachers can give feedback to learners, and learners can give feedback to teachers or learners can also give feedback to their classmates.

When teachers give feedback to learners, they give them information about their learning. Teacher feedback can focus on learners’ language or skills, the ideas in their work, their behaviour, their attitude to learning or their progress. The written or oral feedback should include guidance on how learners can improve their work.

Now let’s see some example of teacher feedback to learners.


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Unit 32: Correcting learners

We correct learners sometimes when they have made a mistake and we want to show them that something is wrong. There is a range of correction strategies and techniques we can use to indicate (show) that there is a mistake, and the ones we choose depend on a number of different factors, for example the aim of the activity, the age of the learners and the language level of the learners.

Keep on mid that over-correction can result in learners not wanting to say anything in class because they are afraid of making mistakes.

Let’s see some strategies and techniques to correct learners’ mistakes in class.

In the exercise below you will find the next vocabulary:



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