27 Feb

Teaching…is not just another way to learn!

What do you think when you hear the word Teacher or Teaching?

There are a lot of opinions, let me show you some of the opinions that I´d heard during my life  meanwhile you order your ideas and you check what´s the most you agree with:

  1. Teaching is just for people who want to earn money without making any effort.
  2. Teaching is not good nowadays because most of the teachers just let children do homework in computers inside they make children research in books.
  3. Teaching worth only in colleges where are certificated teachers.
  4. Teachers are not anymore interested in teaching students and clearing their doubts.
  5. Teachers are not going to be necessary in a few years because technology could replace them.
  6. Worth Teachers are counted in the world.
  7. If you want to pass the exam, you ought to buy a bottle of wine to your teacher.
  8. Good teachers are remember forever.
  9. Good teachers don´t teach only, they share their knowledge with students.
  10. Great teachers don´t share only their knowledge, they can also change students’ life providing them help in any moment.

Even that nowadays there are not so many good comments about teachers or teaching I don´t think this topic is going to be buried some day. In my opinion, there are good teachers still who are interested in helping students to improve their knowledge and their life,in my case I’ve had some of them who had helped me a lot and they had encouraged me didn´t give up when something turns hard, not only in my studies, but also in my life.

So, as I’ve being helped by many teachers during my life, I do really want to do the same in the future, even advantages or disadvantages of being a teacher I want to be one of them. I had learned that a good teacher will always help you to be a better person.

As a teacher of mine says:

“A teacher affects eternity.”

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