01 Mar

Hi everybody!

I have to tell you that I’d already started my TKT course which was the last Saturday and I felt very comfortable with the teacher and my classmates. Before I started the course I was so nervous and a little bit discourage because I thought it will be at the same as some other courses which used to be boring.

However, this one is different. First of all, the teacher Ellen, who prefers to be called just by her name, made us interact with each other in the class, the most weird thing for me was when she made us put our desks face to face because most of the classrooms have their desks in line but Ellen changed that role and we could feel comfortable with her and with our group too, that was so great!

The most interesting thing for me was when she said that classes should not be as the typical class in schools, where there is a teacher just trying to made students learn from their books without any chance to go beyond that huge barrier between teachers and students. I totally agree with Ellen about using as much material we can get as possible.

Moreover, something that was very important was when Ellen asked us about how much knowledge about grammar would have teachers?  for example, she asked us what would we do as teachers if someday a student asked us for something that we would not know? What would be correct to do in those cases? Unfortunately I had had bad experiences about this topic with a few teachers, because I’m a very inquisitive person, if I have a doubt I always ask for an answer, if I don’t know something I always research for it, but some of my teachers when I used to ask for something they didn´t want to give me the answer because they said “it wasn’t their responsibility”, but when students ask is because they want to be helped in their progress as students. Therefore, Ellen explained us that in those cases when teachers don´t have the answer to that doubts, they have to be humble and ask their students to look up for their questions or doubts and the next day they could share and compare their researches. But, as in my case, if teachers have inquisitive students in their classes and they already know the answer to their students’ questions just answer them and you would help them to be better people and they would do the same with others in the future.

That’s the most I enjoyed in my course, and I’m so proud to meet teachers as Ellen who are still interested in helping students to improve their studies and their lives, and teachers who you can share your ideas and opinions…

Thanks teacher for changing the way you teach!

 “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book”




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