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Describing language and language skills.

What is GRAMMAR?

Grammar refers to how we combine, organise and change parts of words, words and groups of words to make meaning.

There are nine parts of speech in English:

  1. Nouns: to name people, places, things, qualities, ideas, or activities to act as the subject/object of the verb.
  2. Verbs: to show an action, state or experience.
  3. Adjectives: to describe or give more information about a noun, pronoun or part of a sentence.
  4. Adverbs: to say more about how, when, where, etc. something happens by adding information to adjectives, verbs, other adverbs or sentences.
  5. Determiners: to make clear which noun is referred to.
  6. Prepositions: to show the relationship between a noun, noun phrase or pronoun and another word or phrase.
  7. Pronouns: to replace or refer to a noun or noun phrase mentioned earlier or about to be mentioned.
  8. Conjunctions: to join words, sentences or parts of sentences.
  9. Exclamations (interjections): to show a (strong) feeling-especially in informal spoken language.

For further practice you can visit the websites that are going to be added on mi sidebar.

Here there are some teachers’ comments, which I would like to know which do you agree with and why?

1. My students say learning grammar is really boring and doesn’t help them speak.

2. Children don’t learn grammar when they learn their first language but adult who learn a second language really need to.

3. We need to learn grammar terms to help us learn a language more easily and quickly.

In my opinion I agree with the second one, because it doesn’t matter which language you speak, the problem is when you want to explain it to people, even if you’re a native speaker I assure you that you couldn’t be able to explain it.

So, if we are not able to explain grammar of our native language, it could be very hard try to explain grammar of a second one. So, we must  have to learn grammar , that’s why  I’ve been studying it, I had never studied grammar before, and now I’m learning new things and how hard it’s when you’re trying to keep on mind all of the rules to speak it and improve it.

However, when you have good teachers who most of the activities are fun and homework is not hard or boring to do, you can easily learn new things. So, have fun when you study and when you teach!

I left you some pages above that have exercises and you can check them if you want to entertain a little bit and you want to improve your grammar.

Have a nice day!


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2 responses to “REFLECTIONS ABOUT: Grammar

  1. I can do this

    09/03/2012 at 10:31 pm

    Hello Yesy,
    Yo have certainly been surfing and picking up some great practice sites! How would you deliver these sites to your students so they wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by having so many links to work from?

  2. yesyhd

    09/03/2012 at 11:15 pm

    Hi Ellen!

    You had totally astonished me with your question! I totally agree with you, you’re right, I hadn’t thought about it. Well, I think in those cases I would only leave my students a website with the most helpful exercises for their knowledge, for example, if we had already studied the nine parts of speech and I want them to practice it I would draw them only for one page. I wouldn’t like to overwhelm my students.

    I really appreciate your comment, it was very helpful and thoughtful, I’d like to keep on mind this kind of observations for a future.

    Thank you!


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