17 Apr

Have you ever felt motivated? I think most of us had felt it.

Sometimes we have experienced this feeling when we want to practice a new sport, when we want to learn a new language or when we want to do something new in our lives. In the TKT BOOK Motivation means:

 “The thoughts and feeling which make us want to and continue to want to do something and which turn our wishes into action. Motivate influences:

    • Why people decide to do something
    • How long they keep wanting to do it
    • How they work to achieve it.”

But the most important in this post is when TEACHERS AND STUDENTS FEEL MOTIVATED TO TEACH AND TO LEARN! Motivation depends of both sides.

First of all, teachers should feel motivated to teach, they should emanate passion while they’re teaching and this passion would turn into motivation to students. In most cases when students notice the motivation when teachers have it, they feel with the same sense to practice it, to learn new things, to attend all classes without missing one of them, but why? Is there a difference when a teacher doesn’t show motivation?

Five well-trained and motivated teachers helping children reach their potential

Five well-trained and motivated teachers helping children reach their potential

In my case I had seen, felt and lived it. Once I had the amazing opportunity to have a really good teacher, (however he wasn’t the only one, actually I’m living a new experience with an awesome teacher, so there are inspiring and excellent teachers still) going back to the main idea…most of his classes used to be fun, we used to laugh a lot, but at the same time we used to practice the language! There was an excellent motivational environment, I had the opportunity to interact with all of my classmates, in only one month, we used to practice a lot, even that we made a lot of mistakes, however my teacher used to help us with the correct pronunciation or he used to tell us what the mistake was. It was awesome! I never miss any of his classes, I was always exasperated to start a new day and go to school just because I knew that I would have a great learning class. Moreover, my teacher used to provide us enough material to practice, furthermore that month we had at least to learn how to write! In only one month? I remember that I had to write a lot during it, and it was exhausting for me, but finally I loved to write! Unbelievable!

On the other hand, what about the students? Does it really affect the teacher’s motivation? Yes, of course! As in my case, as I told you, I never miss one of my teacher’s classes. He motivated us a lot during writing, searching about topics that we would like to write about. He used to give us further practice, and it was amazing that during his classes there was no one who could say that we didn’t want to have homework! Incredible! When most of the students hate homework, it didn’t happen with my teacher! Moreover, sometimes he organized us in teamworks, once he was always to catch up the mistakes that we did during the activity, he was paying complete attention when we made a mistake on pronunciation, like in word stress or vocabulary. He was always able to explain us new grammar, even that he would have to do it twice, furthermore he answered all our questions, he always looked up for new words that we didn’t know (most of the time the questions were related to words that he didn’t know or understand even in Spanish, because he was from Texas so he had to search for the words in both languages), nevertheless he was always prepared for classes! He taught a lot about being an excellent teacher!

Young, active, motivated students! I love them!

Now, you can understand how much a teacher can affect in your life, how much you can learn from them but the most important: How important is to motivate students and be always motivated as a teacher. Great!

Never give up motivation. Sometimes teachers quit this beautiful job because they forget that motivation is important not only for students but also for teachers.

Here I added a google doc about the motivational techniques that are important in a teaching class. This doc was made as a Venn diagram, which was divided among an ESL class, a class or classes that I used to attend and what would I do as teacher.

Click on the Google’s Icon to see it.

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