Discovering your personal learning philosophy!

24 Apr

Hi learners!

During our lives we’ve experienced learning and learning styles too. I’m surprised because I didn’t know that each student develops a new style to learn. However there are a lot of comments about learning styles.

The most interesting for me is that students learn in an own way, it doesn’t matter how many kinds of learning styles are, because each learner can use more than one to learn. For example in my case I test myself (on the next link: here you can find out what kind of learning style you have. This link was taken from the TKT book). And I found out that I’m a visual learner, something like that because I’ve already read about these styles and I notice that I used to pick up some other techniques while learning!

There are nine learning styles in the TKT Book registered; however the most common could be the Visual, the Auditory, and the Kinaesthetic. Well, I found out more videos about those ones that the other ones that are registered on the book.

Now, it’s your turn, try to find out what learner style you are!

In the next Prezi there is a video about these learning styles. I laughed a lot while watching it, I hope you will too. Have fun and enjoy it!

As I told you before, I prefer to learn with tangible things, silent time to think, e.g. after learning new vocabulary, moreover I love to do flash cards, maps, figures that can help me to remember things, games which help me to memorize, and I used to practice as much as possible .  Moreover, sometimes I like to practice English on speaking activities, e.g. group discussions. I think I’ve been using more than just one learning style!

How could it affect your teaching? Will it affect to learners? Yes, of course! It is said that most of the teachers used to teach in the same way that they learned.  Furthermore, let’s consider the Past language learning experience. For example, somebody could learn by practicing writing but if someday he/she joins to another class he/she might have problems if there the teacher doesn’t care about writing and inside of that the teacher prefers to practice by speaking. It will happen in the same path with more than one learner, it is because of the learning experienced they have had.

So, these kind of things will affect each learner and its learning style too!

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One response to “Discovering your personal learning philosophy!

  1. I can do this

    27/04/2012 at 3:29 am

    Your Prezi is amazing!
    Great job!


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