Unit 12: Differences between L1 and L2

08 May

In this unit we saw how many differences exist during our learning process and how some factors could affect it.

Firstly, we analyzed that age, motivation, cognitive skills, academic skills, exposure, interaction, praise, encouragement, and reformulation are a very important part of our learning process.

Moreover, we saw the differences about the L1 learning and the L2 learning. For example, a L2 learner needs to focus on form while learning but also needs to exposure in order to interact with others. We also learned that motivation vary from adults to kids, e.g. a kids could be strong motivated by their relatives in order to communicate, unlike adults they could receive strong motivation, little or no motivation to communicate; most of the time teachers are part of it by extrinsic motivation, but as teachers they can also improve their learner’s intrinsic motivation!

Furthermore, we also saw that there is a silent period, which some learners (including babies) need in order to process the information then speak it.

Now, let’s see a TKT chart based on these differences between the L1 and the L2!


Controlled Reformulate Exposure Maturity Motivation
Cognitive Expectations Silent Chunks Simplified

Differences between L1 and L2

(The information was taken from the TKT book)
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