The Bloom’s Taxonomy!!!

22 May

In order to help students to understand in a widely way the items to be taught as teachers we can use the Bloom’s Taxonomy.

But, what is the Bloom’s Taxonomy?

This “taxonomy” or “classification” provides a useful structure of categorized test questions, these are organized in levels but at the same time they are organized from the hots to the lots (HOTS is an abbreviation for Higher Order Thinking Skills and LOTS for Lower Order Thinking Skills). L2 learners need to be asked questions with all of these levels, these are going to help them to improve their cognitive skills. This Taxonomy has been revised and it has changed in some aspects but with huge differences, here there is the old version and the new one:

As you can see, it has their own steps in order to help students to understand the taught material.Furthermore, each step has its own questions, in order to help us as teachers to asked students about any topic.


I’ve been reading that some teachers forget to use  this excellent tool in teaching because they used to apply the rubrics or just they allow to be guided by the book’s instructions. However, using this fantastic approach we can extend not only our knowledge but also our student’s knowledge. In my case, I would have liked to be taught in this way because I could have learned better. But, for now it’s my turn to learn it and then practicing it with my future students.

On the link that Ellen gave us, there was an excellent example of how we can use the Bloom’s Taxonomy with everything. It is not a complex thing, you can use a simple Pen and that’s it, you will have a huge resource to make your students speak and analyze! Amazing!

At the beginning I didn’t have an idea about how I could use it, but once your planning your lesson you will have an excellent idea for it!

I haven’t planned any lesson yet, but I hope to follow my own steps once I’ll do it.

Now, let me show you a sample of how I could apply this Bloom’s Taxonomy on my own way, I took an example from a course book that Ellen provided us.


Street art is art on the streets. It has lots of different forms: graffiti tags (the artist’s name), spray-paint pictures, stencils, and sticker art. Sometimes street art has words. Sometimes it only has pictures. Often street art has a political message and bright colors.

A street art usually only works in one area, but some put the same tag, stencil or sticker in lots of different cities around the world.

Street art is usually against the law. Artists use buildings, walls or trains-and these usually belong to other people. People often think graffiti is ugly and messy. They don’t think is art.

Sometimes there are special classes for young street artists, like the Youth Together project in Oakland, California. Students learn to create their own style. They tell stories and write messages on walls in the city. They communicate through their art.

This reading belongs to:
(Brookement English Language teaching, Unit 3D, pag28.)

After reading the article:


  • -Can you recall the different kinds of forms that graffiti has?
  • -Where you can find Street Art?
  • -What is the meaning of some Street Arts?


  • -What is the difference between stencils and sticker art?
  • -Explain: why do people think that Street Art is ugly?
  • -Is it valid to use people’s belongings as a place for the Street Art?


  • -Tell what would happen if Street Artists were given a place to draw?
  • -Identify the differences between the Street Art on a special place and on the streets.
  • -Which factors would you change if you were a Street Artist?


  • -Why do you think Street Art is against the politics?
  • -Why do you think Street Artist communicate through this way?
  • -Is there something that justify the Street Artists’ actions?
  • – What are some of the problems of the Street Art?


  • -Judge the value of the Street Art; do you think it is good or bad thing?
  • -Is there any consequence about providing classes for the Street Artists?
  • -Along the time, who do you think that will gain, the Street Artists who are against the Law or the Law?


  • -What changes would you make to solve the Street Art on your country or local area?
  • -If you were given an Art class for Street Artists, would you give them some advice?
  • -Would you contribute to change something in the Art Street? How?

I’m in love with the Bloom’s Taxonomy because it helps me to develop the material one-by one. I would like to keep up with this approach while teaching; I hope not to fall in the same way as other teachers. I know, it could be difficult but each time you would have the chance to help your students think more and practice as much as they can, you would never feel disappointed about your hard work with them, because at the end they would not only pass an exam but also they would remember the most things that their teacher taught them through the term! It is encouraging when you help students and they never forget that you were one of those teachers who made their best teaching them!


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8 responses to “The Bloom’s Taxonomy!!!

  1. I can do this

    24/05/2012 at 9:33 pm

    Hello Yesy,
    Fantastic questions! Did you get them from our anthology? You have earned the distinction of being THE example to follow this week. Great job.

    • yesyhd

      26/05/2012 at 12:29 pm

      OH! Ellen thanks a lot! In my humble work I’m just trying to do my best, I know that you know more than me and that you’re a great teacher, that’s why I’m trying to follow the same steps that you have been practicing with your groups along your teaching way.
      I hope to become, at least, a good teacher like you and other great ones, however it requires a lot of hardworking, that’s why I’m trying to do it!
      I always appreciate your excellent comments and your support.
      Thanks Ellen!

  2. Fernando

    25/05/2012 at 1:48 am

    God job Yesy, you always an excellent student. And I have a question, this activity is for intermediate (or uper-intermediate) level right??? in order to the student can understand the question?? no? or it is for any level???

    • yesyhd

      26/05/2012 at 11:00 pm

      Thanks so much fer,these questions could be for intermediate levels,so,you’re right again!I just try to focus on my course book,even though it has simple questions and some topics I wanted to change the method a little bit,so,there is the result!I always appreciate your comments,thanks you Fer!

  3. ironlion

    26/05/2012 at 3:51 am

    When I tell u that I admire u I mean it. You did a great job, And I sure u are going to do an excellent job as a teacher. In fact I may hire u to my kids teacher… jajaja

    • yesyhd

      26/05/2012 at 11:03 pm

      Thanks Carlos for your comment,you’re very honest!And I’m glad that someone it’s going to hire me in the future,hehe!have fun like always and enjoy your life as you been doing till now!

  4. whatedsaid

    26/05/2012 at 9:46 am

    Hi Yesy
    I like your blog! I’m a teacher in Australia and I found my way here via Ellen’s blog.
    Have you thought about giving the students the stimulus and asking THEM to create their own questions under the Bloom’s headings?

    • yesyhd

      26/05/2012 at 12:35 pm

      I’m so glad to welcome your comment teacher! I really appreciate it! Your right I haven’t thought about it, but it’s a great idea, another way to improve our students’ cognitive skills!
      This option it’s an excellent way to improve my own teaching approaches too.
      I will apply it in another activity, during this week I will have to work on planning a lesson plan, I wish to use in my activities this Bloom’s Taxonomy and use a different method like you had already recommend me!
      Thank you so much.


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