Backtalk…what should a teacher do?

20 Jun

As a student I had seen a lot of back talks along the way. Nevertheless, I hadn’t seen one as awful as some of TKT classmates. By the way, one of the last ones that I remember I have seen was when I was in secondary school (long time ago….) with a teacher’s math. Once the teacher entered the classroom, class was out of control. There was one of my classmates who used to bother the teacher during the entire class and he never told him anything! It made me to feel frustrated, exasperated and discourage. I remember that I used to admire my teacher because I thought that he knew a lot of the subject, however each time that I saw that he couldn’t manage the situation I felt desperate.

Most of the times my troublemaker classmate was whispering during class, throwing things to the teacher’s desk, it was so discouraged. What did my teacher do after or during the class? Nothing! He didn’t even spoke with the boy after the class, he didn’t even do anything during the next times…anything! The classes were out of the control each time my classmate wanted. Dreadful! Surprisingly, one day my troublemaker classmate told my teacher that his classes were awful, that he didn’t like him (at this moment I thought that my teacher would take my classmate to the principal’s office, finally!) but the only words that came out of my teacher’s mouth were:

“Go on, if you don’t like my classes you can leave the classroom! But let us to study here…”

That was it! After that my classmate didn’t say anything, he was as everybody, in shock, because it was the first time that my teacher told him something, what happened next? He didn’t leave the class; it was the first time we could pay attention to the rest of the class!

What do I think the teacher should do since the beginning that he noticed this problem?

I think he should have spoken with the student privately, asked him if he notice how important could be for his classmates the class or to be prepared for the exams, asked him if he realized that school was important or at least asked him if he knew that he could be in trouble if his parents knew that he was misbehaving in classes…at least something like these! My teacher shouldn’t have waited so much to tell him something or to talk with the student. What could have happened if the teacher shouldn’t have told the troublemaker student anything? I think most of my classmates would have followed the leader, who? My troublemaker classmate, they could have seen the chance to do whatever they wanted because it didn’t matter, the teacher would never told them anything, fortunately it didn’t happened!

I can understand that a backtalk is when there is a student’s dialogue and a teacher´s dialogue, and as I told you at the beginning of this article, I have never witnessed one backtalk as terrible as other classmates, however I think the most correct thing to do when you live something like this, is trying to calm yourself (of course, as a teacher), breath, relax and continue with the class for a few minutes then tell the student that you want to talk with him privately, take him out of the classroom,  don’t expose him in front of the entire class, because he can feel eager to yell at you, once you’re in private ask him why he acts in that way, if he needs something in order to feel better at class, what can you do in order to help him…questions like these could show you his needs. Sometimes, students acts in this way because they don’t have as much attention as they would like, they don’t want to bother the teacher because they hate the teacher, it could be because they have problems at home!

One way to vent your anger, as a student( because your parents are not at home with you, because they are always working, because you feel alone, because you want love and patience,because you have needs,etc) is yelling at someone! some students are lack of attention, they only have their teachers to talk with or the majority of the time they spend their live at school,so they don’t know how to communicate, how to deal with their problems, how to show their needs, misbehaving is the way how they do things,then they get wat they want: attention! As teachers we should be careful and take care of our children/students if possible, as teachers we can help them in a huge manner!


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3 responses to “Backtalk…what should a teacher do?

  1. mrferchopoliz

    20/06/2012 at 11:36 pm

    Hi Yesy, I totally agree with you!!!!!!!! as teachers we need to be patient and avoid get anger or desperated easily because a teacher has to deal with those situations every day. I think we have to keep the calm and think that if sudents don’t want to learn it will be their perjudice (but not underestimating them). We need to do our job as better as we can and try to help them as much as we can, trying to know their needs and if they have a problem and within our means try to find a solution but sometimes this kind of students don’t want help so if they are not open to receive assistence that is not or fault. So we have to be good teachers and help our students in the best way. Fer c”,) Byee see you later. I love your blog and your posts you are doing and excellent job. I wish nothing but the best you. =)

    • yesyhd

      20/06/2012 at 11:57 pm

      Oh, thanks so much Fer. Hey, I’m waiting for your post, what’s happening? I was looking for one on your blog a few seconds ago, eh! You’re a hard-working student and now you’re postponing your posts, ah! I hope you can write a backtalk experience soon, share one with us…and well, in my humble opinion Fer I disagree with you this time, ouch! I think most of the students who misbehave in classes are because they need attention and help! I’ve met students (well, talking about those who are from 5 to 16) whose parents are always in the principal’s office and most of these cases is because they have problems at home, that’s what I have observed, I don’t know if it is justified but what’s what I think…and Fer, don’t forget that if students don’t want to learn is because they are unmotivated or demotivated, probably we’ll have to help them to find out their own motivation using the correct methods. Don’t you think so? So, thanks so much for your comments Fer, I appreciate them! Have a nice day!

  2. mrferchopoliz

    23/06/2012 at 12:17 am

    Yesi Yesterday I published my post. Why haven’t you vesited it?? I wait for your comments thanks a lot. Byee The link is:


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