My next teaching goals…

26 Jun

The first time I entered the Ellen’s class, well the time when we were tested for the TKT course, I didn’t have any idea about what teaching would involve. I remember that I wanted to know what a teacher does and how the teacher teaches. Through the course I noticed so many things; most of them were so amazing, I never thought that a simple class could involve a lot of things! I learned that teachers have a lot of teaching approaches which can help them to improve their classes. But the most interesting about the course is that I learned that a teacher´s job is not just teach, it is beyond than that: teachers can change students’ life!

Now, the most important (besides the strategies that I acquired during this course) it’s try to find out my goals, how I would achieve them, and how these are going to help me along my teaching life, some of my goals are the next ones:

(Obviously, once I had achieved the first goal of my life: get a job as an English teacher! Oh!)

  • To develop my teaching style using TBL more than the PPP approach.
  • While planning my lesson plans, focus on the learner-centre learning.
  • Teaching using variety of materials in order to develop my students’ learning styles.
  • Build rapport since the beginning of the term.
  • Be conscious that if my teaching style is not working well, change it or if the problem is with the lesson plan, be able to change some stages.
  • Show humility if I need help from other teachers.
  • Keep up-to-date with english language (e.g.idioms, vocabulary,etc)
  • Incorporate technology in classes or in homework (e.g.quizes, questionnaires, games, etc).
  • Create a comfortable class environment for my students.
  • Using as many as possible interesting aids to work on classes, e.g. realia, computers, stick wall, posters, pictures, games, etc.

My main goal is to make a change in teaching, I’m willing to learn new things from my students and at the same time I want to learn with them.  Even that we can find a huge amount of aids, methods, and information to teach, it’s amazing that there are still selfish teachers (those teachers who love to be the teacher-centre of the class, those who are not able to change their techniques and those who don’t want to share their knowledge).However excellent teachers are emerging from the beautiful teaching world, changing the same boring teaching style that has been existed since many decades ago! And they are excited to make a change in students’ life and to share their knowledge not only with students but also with new teacher generations. Be part of it!

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One response to “My next teaching goals…

  1. I can do this

    29/06/2012 at 10:26 pm

    Now you can compare your goals from before the course to how you feel now.
    Congratulations. You have been on a journey and you are nearing a stop on the way. But the journey continues. I invite you to be a lifelong learner along with me.


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