Walking along a teaching path….

27 Jul

OMG! After had finished my TKT course I decided to sign up in a new school which is going to help to become a better teacher or at least to learn something else to improve my teaching career…something like that!

Along these last days I have been attending a course before classes start. During it I have seen that teaching is not as easy as I thought, it needs a lot of preparation along the way, teaching needs to be improved day-to-day.

Moreover, become a teacher requires to be an open-minded. During a discussion that I had one of these past days at school, I told my teacher and classmates that as teachers we need to share our information (something that I really appreciate from my teacher Ellen, who taught me that and who practiced it during my TKT course, she really set the example) not just with our students but also with our co-workers. However the teacher’s opinion was another, why? Because he has been living reality, and unfortunately he told me that it is hard to practice it in the teachers’ world.

For example, if you as a teacher improve as much as you can and you become the best teacher in the school, for that reason you will get a better payment and earn much money than your co-workers…

Consequently they will desire to get your place, so they will do whatever they need in order to get yours! Amazing, eh!

That’s why sharing knowledge, techniques, resources is not the most common thing in the teaching path.Planning, writing and talking about it is easy, however practicing it in real life it’s hard!

In my opinion, if you as a teacher don’t want to share your knowledge with your co-workers, at least share it with your students, they will appreciate it along their lives! It’s the best part of working as a teacher…that you will have a chance to change your students’ lives in some way…

That happened to me this last course, and believe me it was the best experience I have ever had in my life!


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2 responses to “Walking along a teaching path….

  1. I can do this

    22/08/2012 at 3:36 am

    How funny it is that I had asked you to write a welcome message on the blog for new TKT candidates,..and you had already written these motivating words.
    I think you might be one of those people in the world who were born to teach. Even when you were learning, you were teaching. I hope always to be able to work alongside you. What fun this will be!

    • yesyhd

      22/08/2012 at 11:23 pm

      Thanks so much Ellen, but I really enjoyed your clases and now I can understand you a little bit more, I really loved your classes and I would like to be like you in a future, it is kind of amazing … Today you were in my mind the whole morning because I had a class with my students and We use mime to understand the new vocabulary…it was so funny because everybody wanted to participate and we were rolling in the floor, such a funny thing! I just remember the time you told us when you hurt because of an activity like that one!!!! I really glad you your techniques and ideas…all of them awesome! Thank you so much!


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