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16 Sep

Hello there!

I’ve been very busy during these last days creating and trying to find out new ways to teach grammar and verbs to my kids. I remember the way in which I had to memorize the verbs at school, such as boring way to do it!!!


As I’m teaching 6th grade I have to do a lot of things at the same time that I have to cover the curriculum! I’m so tired! However, I really want to achieve one of my goals this year: to help my students to know how to use the verbs in their right VERB TENSE AND FORM!

Even though most of my students had memorized the verbs in their present, past and past participle, most of them don’t know how to use them in context. Moreover, they don’t have an idea how to identify them in a sentence, as a consequence they get bad grades during their quizzes.

I’ve been thinking how to help them.  One way in which we’ve been practicing the verbs at home and during class for these last weeks has been through the use of this app:



These awesome app has been helping me and my students to practice just those verbs that I want them to practice! There you can find a lot of different ways in which your students can practice their listening, spelling, and writing skills.

Spelling city offers a lot of different ways to practice and have fun with GAMES!!!! My kids have been using it every day at home. However, we also practice these exercises at class. Most of the times we play in teams!

I just wanted to share these great way to practice vocabulary and to encourage your students to play instead of just repeating and memorizing verbs without any interesting way to do it!

I hope you can enjoy these app and use it with your students.

Have fun and practice!

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