Each student with each learning style! Does it matters teachers?

26 Apr

Sometimes we’ve experienced that there are some teachers who used to focus only in one specific language area, e.g. some just focus on reading, others on writing, a few others on grammar, or on listening. Have you ever noticed that on your teachers?

Sometimes it’s kind of complicated find teachers who work in more than one technique or apply their work in more than one learning style, however there are a few of them still. Besides, some of them have been doing their best, in most cases when schools have great teachers they cannot do as much as they would like because of their limit of time which doesn’t allow them to extent the learning areas.

Nevertheless, there are teachers who time is never limited! Are you teaching right now? Or Would you ever teach? How would you like to be remembered as a teacher? As a good one or as a boring one? Are you a teacher who used to speak during the entire class without any students’ participation? I’ve experienced most of these cases and I assured you that you have too. Well, as a teacher, have you already understand that each student has his/her own way to learn?

As teachers we should know how to lead students in their correct learning style. You could argue that time and tools are not enough to teach each student in a different learning style! There’s no enough time for each one! However, how could we achieve one goal like this?

In agreement we can say that there are a lot of activities to do as group or sometimes there is a “no homework time”, this moments are excellent to be approach. For example, if we’re having trouble with some students who have not caught up the grammar, vocabulary or staff like that, so it’s time to let them some extra activities to do at home or to let it to them in an activity at school. Be careful, as teachers we can notice the needs of our students, and most of us have access to any kind of interesting tools for them. If we really want to help them in their learning we’re going to provide them the correct material to study or to work. It wouldn’t be fair for those students who don’t like to work in teamworks, who hate to read, or who prefer to write inside of speak, or for those who prefer to give an explanation, try to crush them only in one boring activity!

So, if you have already lived and experienced these kinds of boring learning techniques you can obviously modified them and try to change them into interesting and helpful tools to let them to your students. Moreover, why not try to role as much techniques on learning styles as possible at class? As a teacher you will have fun and you would never get bored with the same path of working moreover your students will benefit of it!

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