Unit 9: Motivation

26 Apr

Hello folks!

As I wrote the last time, motivation is essential if you want to do or learn something, it doesn’t matter what it would be! However, talking about learning and teaching, motivation has to be showed by both sides. The extrinsic motivation depends on the teacher while the intrinsic motivation depends on the learner.

There are a huge bunch of factors that can influence motivation, let’s see some of them that can influence in our learning motivation (the information belongs to the TKT BOOK, keep it on mind). So, the question would be: What can motivate learners to learn a new language?

  • Because they want to achieve a goal, e.g. get a better job.
  • Because learners are interested in the target language culture, probably because they want to become part of that culture in some way, by moving to the country.
  • Feeling good at learning a new language, some kind of people are really good at picking up new activities, and it’s easy for those people to achieve as much as they want.
  • Because they are being encouraged by their relatives, or friends. In some countries learning a second language is helpful and highly valued.
  • Because they want to communicate with foreign people, maybe they will have a business parter, friends, a relationship or relatives who speak another language and in order to communicate they want to learn it.
  • Because they enjoy attending classes with their teachers because of the classmates, the teachers, the environment, the group discussions or the course book , like the topics which they talk about over there.

So, we can see that there are a lot of reasons to feel motivated when studying. Which one is yours?

Let’s practice some vocabulary and see some strategies which can affect learners’ motivation:

You already know what to do next (click on the icons!)



Feedback Praise Task Needs
Encouragement Rapport Demotivated Confidence
Achieve Unmotivated Motivation Goal


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